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Women Discuss About Size
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If a girl tells you that size doesn’t matter, would you believe her?
If you say yes, well I must be honest to tell that its one big joke!
Every girl who says she doesn’t care about penis size of her partner is just pretending that she is satisfied with his penis, but in her mind
she is begging for more inches!
women want bigger penis

I did a little survey with 3 girls to see what they really think.
They are all different ages and lifestyles.    

Jenna Raymond, 22 a student
Isabella Hardwick, 35 a Psychologist
Rebecka Johnson, 28 a PR Manager

Q: Do you agree if I say that British men have the smallest penis?
Isabella: Yes, unfortunately I do. Despite the fact that Italians have the smallest one, I was on holiday there last summer – all I can say is oh my lord, they have amazing penis size!
Jenna: I agree, even I was in Ibiza last summer, most of them were Englishman - so unfortunately I have to agree with you, indeed they are very small.

Q: What do you consider average?
Rebecka: Well, it depends, meaning "average" is maybe small or large to someone else, but I would say 6-7 inches is about right.
Isabella: I totally agree. I think the average I've seen is about 7 inches, which is probably quite large. I think that too many people get hung up about being average. What is average? I mean does it exist? Furthermore, who wants to be average?
Jenna:  I would say that the average is 7 inches. But smallest is a lot smaller at about 4 inches, and the largest is a lot larger, at about 9 inches.

Q: Do you rate size?
Jenna: I do completely. It is as simple as that. The bigger the better, that’s the fact. Would you like more man with larger or smaller penis?...I can see your answer, hehe. I don't find small penis as sexy or manly as big one.

Q: Have you ever had a great lover whom wasn't particularly large?
Rebecka: No, unfortunately our sexual relation was nothing special.
Jenna: An OK one I guess but nothing special
Isabella: An average one I suppose but as we said who wants to be average?

Q: So no one with a small penis has ever satisfied you ?
Rebecka: Well you cant say like that. I had satisfaction with smaller penis but it wasn’t like I wanted. I need more.

Q: Do you like penises ? A lot of women are repulsed by them.
Isabella: I am repulsed by small, wimpy little things.  But a hard, large thick penis is the sexiest thing which get me horny.  
Rebecka: I like penises a lot. I do think they are a bit ugly, but there is a big difference between a small penis and a large one.
Jenna: I totally agree, there is something really powerful about a thick penis. It almost reminds me of one big baseball bat.

Q: Some people say it's what you do with it that counts?
Rebecka: Bollocks!  It is up to a point but no you can't do it with a really small penis full stop. No satisfaction what so ever - doesn't even touch the sides.

Q: What are your opinions on penis enlargement program?
Isabella: I think it is fantastic. I totally support it and respect all the men that have used that to benefit them. I have slept with a few who have penis extenders – and all I can say is good for them. I think these men are more flexible in their love making and can last longer.
Rebecka: I think its amazing program.  All men should try it if they want to seek for more, because not only does it enlarge your penis, but it also improves you staying power apparently and that means we get a much more intense orgasm, which will probably last longer. I also think that men with more muscular penises have more control over themselves which is all ways a bonus if nothing else.
Jenna: This is the first I have heard of it- cant tell much about it but if it helps to enlarge men penis, than I support this kind of penis enlargement.

Q: So in conclusion size does matter?
Isabella: I think I can speak for all when I say completely and utterly. I don't mean to give anyone a complex - but I know that most men would like to think they are amazing in bed. You are lacking one major thing if you don't have a large, thick penis. If you do have one naturally then you are blessed - if you don't then you should do something about it.

As you could see in this survey, all of them had almost same opinions about penis size, its important for them, simply they like BIG THINGS!

The conclusion is to get more inches if you would like to be hero with the girls. That’s why I have here to show you one of the best penis enlargement methods , just take a short tour to see why SizeGenetics is the best penis enlargement device for getting extra inches.

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