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Wearing Penis Extender For 6 Months And What To Expect?

wear penis extenderPenis extender ( traction device) is the best penis enlargement device you can get on the market at this point. The power of a high quality traction device is complemented by well-rounded routines in order to maximize results.

During process of development and post - development, the penis extender was under extensive studies at the hands of doctors.

Persons wearing the device were kept under observation for 6 months (24 weeks) in order to assess its effects on the human penis. The results were validated by 6 doctors from the University of London.

As the time is of essence in this program, penis enhancement depends on the time you wear it.
The longer you wear traction device, the better you get for your penis size

The team of doctors found:

• The first 8 weeks of wearing the device brought the biggest gains in penis  increase for almost 13%

• During the following 8 weeks, the average increase is 9%, bringing the increase to 22% since the beginning of the program

• At the end of fifth month, doctors marked an average increase of 24%

• And it gets better! By the end of sixth month, it was detected that penis increase was at 30% of original penis size.

use penis extender


Doesn't that sound amazing? Maybe 6 months sounds long but patience will pay you back for sure!


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