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My Penis Enlargement Story
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Hi, I am Mike Thompson from California, 25 years old, working as an assistant at The Faculty of Technical Sciences . This is a short story of my experience with penis enlargement methods and few programs I have tried. I will try to be open so you can understand my situation.

penis enlargement storyOne of the biggest problems in my life was a small penis, which probably results through genetics. Its all started during high school when I entered period of puberty ( hormones work rapidly and need for girls is very high ). It is also a period when you start having a sex – and the problems started from that point.

I had a couple of girls during high school, but always for just a short time (we were together for only a couple of weeks, maybe 1 month). I couldn't realize why every girl rejected me so quick, even they didn't want to tell me the reason I was suspecting on my penis length.

The sex I had with them was nothing special, it lasted for just a few minutes and girl's satisfaction wasn't that much as I was expecting. By the time,
I was very depressed, stopped looking for girls and forgot what word sex means.
The only satisfaction I got was masturbating on thousands of porn movies – doesn't that sound poor? I felt very bad, didn't want to go out even with my friends, and my marks at school were at very low. Unfortunately, I had the worst period of my life in school while most people are saying they would like to turn back at school if they could. Can you imagine, young horny girls who are looking for a sex, with growing breasts, and you cant get them because of your small penis size! ...Uhh, I don’t want to remember that time.

After that, I was on College. As you grow you get matured, your conscious is more rational and start to cope with problems. This period was the key for me,  I realized that my problems can not be done by doing nothing, so I started research program about penis enlargement methods.

I didn't know where to start first and what to do. I was looking for some books and magazines but as I wanted to do that in privacy, I didn't want to show up myself in public taking  books "make your penis bigger" and stuff like that. Than it came on my mind, why not to search over the internet, privacy is guaranteed and nobody will know what I do.

When I came online, I just couldn't believe how many articles, methods, products are in this whole thing about penis enlargement! The biggest relief for me was when I saw there are thousands of people with the same problem – problem with penis size! I said…:"yes,I am not the only one!". I have approached to my problem very seriously with the goal to make my penis bigger.

First, I tried with pills as they look like easiest way to get extra inches, but after few months I saw they are total waste of time and money and penis size didn't change, so I suggest to avoid them. Second was penis exercises I found in some low-budget magazine. That was interesting time. I was doing every day different exercises like stretching, curving, squeezing and other funny things to my penis but results didn't change again. So, if you want to have some fun with your penis you can take these exercises but if you are looking for bigger penis, than forget them seriously.

After this I came up on pumps, I was like…ohh, this is my help. But, you probably know what is the score – clear zero. I was using it for 5 months and after I got some little hives (little red spots) on my penis, I throw it in garbage. You should not think about pumps, believe me.

The time goes by, but my penis was the same size. I started to lose hope in bigger penis again, and thought there is no help, but than I did some better research and found great penis traction devices.
I said:"why not, can't lose anything".

Even there's a tone of different extenders, I found SizeGenetics as the best and most reliable extender on the market. When I ordered it, I was aware of my parents – what if they find  it?...but there wasn't problem at all, the delivery and packaging is totally under privacy. I must say every time I see this product it really looks great, brings some serious and quality tools and equipment in package. I read the user manual and started to use the same day I received it.

Wearing this extender is very comfortable, get you very proud and you almost forget it is on your penis. Traction force works really great job to the penis and I didn't feel any pain or had any problems with my penis while used extender. Have to say, I kept with instructions and have been wearing extender for a 6 months, 8 hours /day and the results were simply amazing. Month after month, my penis started to increase and get extra inches! After 6 months of use I got aroung 2.5 extra inches which is far more than I was expecting (experience of previous methods made me feel little skeptical with extender too, but I was wrong!).

start penis enlargementAnd what can I say except WOOW! My life is back, I have much better reputation with girls, sex is just amazing. When I see how pleasurable are girls after having a sex with me, it makes me more happy every time. I am going out again with my friends having a lot of fun, and approach to girls is very easy thing for me now.

I am more moral than ever before, and have more success in my job. I have no more problems with measuring my penis every day in hope to have a little longer….now, it is BIG and not just in length - penis girth has grown too.
I am very thankful to SizeGenetics and as a serious user I highly recommend it.

I hope my story is useful, so you can see in short words what you can expect from different methods, which methods to avoid and which to use (SizeGenetics penis enlargement device). All of this took me a few years of testing until I came on the right product – penis extender, and you are now able to take a shortcut to get the right thing. Feel free to try this product because it is the best device in penis enlargement programs and very easy to use. You have nothing to lose!

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