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Penis Enlargement Safety

Most men are worried about the safety of penile enlargement and they have every right to be concerned. The safety of penis enlargement mainly depends on the products and methods that men use.

Open the magazines or go online and you will find hundreds of creams and other products that claim to increase your size of your penis very fast.

The fact remains that with the number of various penis enlargement products out there, it is confusing to identify which product is the best. This is where it helps to understand what works and what don't.

Knowing the list of products that a man should really avoid will help you choose the correct penile enlargement product that will help you add inches to your penis.

Penile Enlargement Creams

You would have seen ads of several wonder creams that are supposed to make your penis bigger without any negative side effects.

Unfortunately you cannot go by these tall statements. There is scientific evidence that says no topical preparation can help increase the size of your penis. What these creams can only do for you is that they can temporarily increase blood flow to your penis, making your erections more powerful, but they really can't help you add inches to your penis.

Penis pumps

Another commonly seen product is penis pump. You can find these pumps everywhere; Internet, magazines, stores and pharmacies offline. It would help to understand how they work. The pumps create vacuum around your penis, helping blood flow to the penile tissue. This can help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection.

Scientific research tells us that penile enlargement simply isn't possible using penile pumps. You can also find many testimonials of men who have used penile pumps and stated that after some time of using them, they were unable to achieve an erection without a penis pump!


Weights have been popular with men from ancient times. It is gross and very painful, but a weight is hung from the penis with the aim of stretching it. Our ancestors practiced this method and found out that the length of penis really could be increased. But this method certainly is not safe! Modern medical research shows that several issues such as a thinner penis and inability to maintain an erection because the stretched tissue have been found.


Known as phalloplasty, the penis enlargment surgery can be very expensive. However, the expenses involved are only minor when compared to other more serious issues, including infections and scar tissue formation that could change the shape of your penis.

Surgery involves taking your body fat and injecting it into your penis. This is something that should be totally avoided as it may cause a difference in girth but does not help with the length.

There are men that get the connective tissue on their penis cut through surgery, but this does not work and I recommend not trying any form of surgery.

There are thousands of men out there who wish to have their penis enlarged. As long as you know what to avoid, you will know what penis enlargement products or pills to use, that way you are not exposing yourself at any risk.

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