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The most common concern amongst men is about the size of their penis. They always feel that the size of their penis is inadequate and that this may cause a problem in their sex life and can leave their partner disappointed. The curiosity about the size of the penis begins at a very tender age. As toddlers, this curiosity is much evident when boys play.

This curiosity builds up as they grow. When they are young, the exposure to pornography may make them even more concerned about their penis size because of the size of the penis of the actors in porn movies. The debate about their penis size can go on and on without a correct answer in men's talks. Yes, men do talk among themselves about the size of their penis and about the average penis size. That brings us to the point of the average penis size.

Average penis size

According to certain studies and surveys conducted by different groups and universities, it is now commonly agreed that the average penis size ranges between 5-7 inches in length, when erect. When flaccid, the size of the penis ranges between 3-5 inches. The penis size does not only concern the length of the penis but also the thickness or the girth. Average penis girth is about 3-5 inches when erect and about 2-3 inches when flaccid.

Why penis enlargement?

Many doctors advise men not to go for penis enlargement, unless and until the size of their penis is too small. A penis size of less than 3 inches when erect is known as a micropenis and in this case a doctor may recommend penis enlargement. However, men with average penis also tend to go for penis enlarger because they feel that their penis size is inadequate and they would not be able to satisfy their partner.

Also, sometimes, criticism about the penis size by a partner can make men go for an enlargement. A small penis size can lead to low self-confidence and self-esteem in men and can also be an embarrassing situation if the partner criticises it. Penis enlargement using natural and safe methods is highly recommended and the use of invasive penis enlargement techniques should be avoided as they are costly and risky too. Here are 3 simple and safe ways to penis enlargement.

Penis pills

With the use of natural penis pills, you can stay safe from side effects and get penis enlargement at a faster rate. Penis pills contain natural aphrodisiacs that can help in increasing the blood flow to your penis. This can enhance the size of your penis and can also help you achieve better erectile function and sexual performance. One of the most popular and acclaimed penis pills available today are the VigRX pills.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are an effective way to get a bigger and a thicker penis within a few months. A penis pump uses a manual or an automatic pump to create vacuum inside a cylinder. This vacuum enhances the blood flow towards your penis head, leading to an increase in size gradually. This is a discreet technique of penis enlargement and an easy one too. The AndroPenis pump is a good penis pump that can give you a bigger penis size, better erections and enhanced sexual performance.

Penis extenders

You can also use a penis extender for penis enlargement. The penis extender uses the traction technology to stretch your penile tissues. This traction leads to the gradual stretching of the penis and increases the penis length and thickness. Penis extenders can also help you get better erections and better sexual performance. The SizeGenetics is a popular penis extender for easy penis enlargement. With these 3 easy ways, you can get a bigger penis within a few months, without any pain, discomfort or side effects. Try it today!

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