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Male Extra Review - Best Penis Pills!

Male Extra

male extraLet me tell you something. I don’t like recommending penis pills as I think they are mostly scam BUT Male Extra are the first penis pills I highly recommend to try because my best friend Todd achieved 0.5 extra inches in length in just one month!

At first, I didn’t have a clue about Male Extra penis pills as they are quite new brand on penis enlargement market and I was like “you better go for PenisHealth rather than penis pills”… and I was wrong. So, let’s see what Male Extra brings you.

Male Extra Benefits

Surely, first you’ll ask is what you get by taking Male Extra penis pills? Below are major improvements guaranteed by these astonishing penis pills! It can’t be even simpler, you take pills and your penis grows, your sex life gets improved, plus many more and all that without additional physical devices.

UP TO 3 EXTRA inches in penis length & girth
Rock hard, intense erections
Increased blood flow and stamina
Multiple orgasms
Bigger ejaculation volumes
Boosted confidence

+ MANY more…

visit male extra now!

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Every man who looks for appropriate penis enlargement may expect to achieve all these by taking Male Extra pills. My friend Todd is 100% satisfied with them and on his behalf I decided to put Male Extra review on my website which is basically concentrated on penis enlargement exercises.

Nevertheless, there is connection between Male Extra pills and PenisHealth program! How’s that? Well, stay tuned, now let’s stick to the best penis pills for just a couple of minutes.


Click here to visit official Male Extra website

How does Male Extra work?

Offering 1500mg per serving, a cheaper price per pill and better, faster results than any competitor product, Male Extra is the no.1 penis enlargement pill of the 2009 year.

It’s the only penis enlargement system of its kind to combine a 1500mg pill of highly potent fresh ingredients (a formula based on clinical and scientific studies) and the very popular PenisHealth penis exercises program, a proven method of increasing the size of your erection and penis length and girth (You still can order only Male Extra pills without PenisHealth).

male extra formula

To explain it in a nutshell, the powerful ingredients contained in Male Extra pills first helps to improve blood flow to your penis - through the utilisation of Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid), l-arginine, muira pauma and epimedium sagittatum - before combining them with their 8 minute PenisHealth exercises to produce astounding rock hard erections.

Read more about Male Extra formula

Male Extra Comparison

Check out Male Extra pills compared to other competitor products. You can see it is on the top all the time! Openly disclosed on its website, Male Extra consists of 3 pills per serving and a higher milligram dose when compared against other penis enlargement pills.


Pills Per Serving

MG Per Serving

Disclosure on Website




VigRX Plus










1 Month Order

Per Box

Per Pill

MG Per Serving


$79.95 (~ £49.57)
$0.88 (~ £0.50)
VigRX Plus
$76.99 (~ £47.85)
$1.28 (~ £0.79)
$78.95 (~ £49.05)
$1.31 (~ £0.81)
$59.95 (~ £37.27)
$1.99 (~ £1.23)
$14.95 (~ £9.30)


Check out detailed Male Extra comparison


Best Penis Pills!

order male extra today!What else to say, I will quote my friend “ … Male Extra are 100% working and the best penis pills on the market…”

Male Extra offers you 2 things: BIGGER PENIS or MONEY BACK! That’s right! And the conclusion is? You have NOTHING TO LOSE! There are various packages with extra FREE bonuses, you should NOT miss this great opportunity! Want to read official information?


Click here to read more about Male Extra


Click here to order Male Extra from official website!

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