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What Is Better? Bigger Penis Base
or Penis Head?

Does It Really Matter ?

bigger penis baseMajority of males consider penis size does matter, but does it really? About girls, it's for sure they will get turned on by large penises. No doubt many men are searching for ways to enlarge penises both in length and girth. This problem led to invention and development of different types of penis enlargement methods and products.

In the last few years, penis enlargement products have been making quite a boom in male enhancement industry. Penis enlargement trend keeps increasing as men enjoy consuming products like these as men care about giving pleasures and satisfaction to their lovers in bed.

Some men take penis traction devices to bring up and improve their self - confidence and esteem because of problem they have about penis size. No matter what is the reason for taking penis enlargement products, at the end it's all about pleasure. Providing great pleasures to lover or boosting male egos, it could be the same thing.

bigger penis headOne important thing that shouldn't be forgotten is happiness. These penis enlargement methods and products prove that man's penis size can be increased pretty much! There can be found various male enhancement programs that can enhance man's penis size. There are penis enlargement exercises, pills, penis stretcher and extenders, etc.

Different products bring various results related to sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure. Nevertheless, there are some females who would rather have their lover to have average penis size. Why that? Well, too long penis can give a lot of pain while penetrating vagina.

This happens usually when man with "monster" penis doesn't know how to handle his lover with care. He just goes rough "pump-pump-pump" and it's all over. Men like this should learn how to give proper sexual pleasures to their lovers.

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Penis Base Is More Important For Sure!

penis baseSo, what is more important or have higher priority for girls, a bigger penis head or a bigger penile base? Majority would immediately answer that bigger penis head is more important, but this statement might be right on one hand, on and the other wrong. However, the most important things is that both lovers experience desired pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Thus, a bigger penile base is more important than a bigger penile head. This is the answer most women will give. On the other side, penis which has bigger head may look pretty nice while looking at. However, penis with bigger base feels better when getting it on.

Why? Answer is that woman's most sensitive sexual organ is the clitoris. After penis penetrates into vagina, penis head is unable to stimulate the clitoris as it is already inside the vagina. Therefore, it comes to penis base that will take the role of satisfying the lover. A bigger and longer penis base will most likely brush the clitoris when the male is having sex with his lover. The friction between penis base and clitoris will give some astonishing and sensational feelings to woman and that’s what she wants!

penis baseNevertheless, there are some couples that are hard to "fit" perfectly. One of the problems is small sized penis which can't satisfy enough woman's expectations and also can't fulfill vagina. On the other side, bigger penis might be hard to get inside vagina but this shouldn't obstruct woman's pleasures and satisfaction.

The lovers should let their creative juices go with the flow.  They should experiment and give a try to different positions and find out which sexual positions suits the best for them.


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