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Penis Enlargement Article
Your Opportunity For The Safest Penis Enlargement

Avoid These Methods

penis enlargement reviewPenis enlargement industry has been developing into one serious machinery as the need for bigger penis every day rapidly grows in men’s life.

This caused development of so many ways to enlarge the penis, but which one is worth your time & money?

Probably, you have already came on different methods to extend the penis, and the only problem is to choose the right way to accomplish your wishes.

This is the reason why I wrote this text below, to help you to see which methods to avoid and which one to choose.

increase penis sizeSurgery - Today, medicine claims in success of penis enhancement, but think twice before making decision about this way of enlarging! Surgery is permanent but you take a big risk for your body while you have a surgery on your organs, you can get only 1 extra inch or so to the length, and it is simply not enough.

The Surgeon cuts the ligament that hold your penis in its usual position, to make penis hangs lower. So, will you cut your body for only 1 more inch? After this, you will need to use penis enlargement device for months to achieve desired size, so what is the point of surgery except you get high level of risk, get 1 extra inch in length and not to mention the expenses you would have!

Other surgical type of technique is dermal implant. It is based on transplantation of fat cells from other body parts to your penis, so you get a little bit of increase but as the size of head of penis can’t be changed, the visual look of penis is not what you would like to have.

add extra inches to penisPills - This is the most useless method to enlarge penis. Unfortunately, many people try them as the easiest way to use and easy to find, but results are clear zero! Increase penis size can not be done using chemistry (pills). Penis enlargement is natural process of stretching cells and muscles of your penis thus there is no place for pills, they are just a waste of money.

make bigger penisPenis Pump - Very common product you can find over advertising, trying to show you how penis pump is efficient for penis enlargement. It can be found at the adult stores, magazines, internet and even in drug stores, but don’t pay attention on it at all!

Why?...Well, pump works is based on creating a vacuum around the penis and bringing blood to the tissue.  This can assist men with extremely poor circulation to have an erection. Furthermore, there are no any medical evidence which can approve penis increase done by pumps. Some men may even find that if they use a penis pump over a period of time that they will be unable to get an erection without using the pump.

best penis enlargement programEnlargement Creams - Over the past few years, enlargement creams flooded the market with story of its great efficiency to increase penis both in size and girth, but can you even imagine putting some cream over your penis and watching how it grows?

It is really one big fake and total money loss. People often try to use creams as they look like the easiest way to make penis much bigger. Yea right, put it on and every day you have one new inch longer penis, quite funny isn't it? My suggestion is to avoid this method completely, just follow the text below and see the right thing waiting to help you.

Penis Extender - The Best Penis Enlargement Method

best penis enhancementDoes penis extender work? Penis enlargement device is leading traction device on the penis enlargement market, leaving all other methods behind quite useless.

It is revolutionary product that has already helped thousands of people all over the world. Penis extender is device designed to apply continuous traction force.

It uses traction with bars between anatomically curved base placed at the beginning of penis, and a band that slide down at the head of penis.

Compared to surgery which can damage your body parts, penis extender is 100% safe to use, risk-free, no need to worry, results are amazing, just keep with the instructions. This is just a first step about this ultimate penis enlargement device and you can see that I present SizeGenetics as one of the best penis traction devices on the market.

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