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Anatomy of Vagina
Learn More About Woman's Sexual Organ

Men are very excited when there is a talk about female genital – vagina.
Usually, men’s knowledge about vagina is very insufficient, so here you can read more about this female sexual organ to see from what parts is she made of, and expand your knowledge.

Despite of people think that the first thing of female genitalia is vagina, they are wrong. If you start from outside of genitalia, Vulva is the outermost part, usually covered by pubic hair (some women shave it) which grows from mons pubis tissue. Next part is what most people call ‘’the outer lips’’ – original name Labia Majora, which contain fatty tissue that enfold the vulva from the mons pubis to the perineum (opening which tears during childbirth).

The Labia Majora release smell from sweet and oil glands which is considered as sexual stimulus. Next part is the Labia Minora or ‘’the inner lips’’ which protect clitoris, urethra and vagina. Going deeper there is oval shaped part of vagina called clitoris (clit). Clitoris is connected with labia and is hooded by skin. It is filled with numerous nerve endings and as a sensitive part of vagina, its main function is to give a woman pleasure while is under stimulation.

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Anatomy of the vagina

Urethra is below clitoris, and it is place where the urine goes through. Urethra doesn’t belong to woman’s reproductive system, it is more related to bladder. The opening of vagina is covered by a thin membrane or tissue called the hymen. It is very thin and sensitive part which represents the symbol of virginity if stays untouched. Hymen can be torn by rough activities, through sex (with penis, dildo, vibrator…).

Next opening in the female genitalia is the perineum which is a stretch of skin that goes up to the anus and is where infants come out during labor. Vaginal canal is the place where penis passes through during sex and goes to cervix. Size of vagina can vary and adjust to penis size so to make enough places for him. The Bartholin's glands and the hymen glands release fluids which are used as lubricants during sex to keep the vagina moist.

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Male - Female Intercourse

Next part is, well know, uterus where the fetus grows in and stay during pregnancy. On both sides of the uterus are the fallopian tubes where the fertilization of the ova (egg) takes place. These eggs are produced in the ovaries (which is another part of the vagina). Ovaries are responsible for production of estrogen and progesterone or the female sex hormones.

All these parts configures vagina as a female sex organ used for reproduction and copulation. I hope, now you have better picture of vagina and all the parts she is made of as it is very complex organ.

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